Serve the Community

In October of 2019, St. Michael’s started a new ministry to our community, East Bay Laundry Love. Laundry Love is a nationwide ministry of the last 20 years, helping low-income or no-income people have the dignity that comes with clean clothes and bedding.

Laundry Love is known as the modern footwashing or Laundry as Liturgy. Our Laundry Love is the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30-8, and we put the quarters and detergent into the washers and dryers to help our guests get their laundry done (we do not do their laundry!). While they wait for their laundry, we have fellowship and conversation with our neighbors. Join us for Laundry Love!

We support involvement in advancing the care of God’s creation and justice for all people.  The various initiatives that comprise our Outreach ministries meet regularly to guide, coordinate, and direct support toward the needs of the community. Recent outreach initiatives include Laundry Love, East Bay Food Pantry, Main Street Boys, Women’s Resource Center, Literacy Volunteers of the East Bay, Child Opportunity Zone, and Camp Surefire.

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