The RenewalWorks Project

The RenewalWorks Steering Group met throughout the fall of 2020 to identify strategies that will
foster spiritual growth at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church based on the results of the
Spiritual Inventory Surveys the congregation completed. We compared SMC findings to
national data and also relied on the discernment and wisdom of the RW Steering Group
members (listed below). 

These Findings and Recommendations have been shared with the Vestry and we are
now eager to share them with the Congregation at large! We want to share our key findings
with you and make clear what our goals are for fostering spiritual growth in the New Year here
at St. Michaels. 

These findings and recommendations will be presented to the congregation via Zoom Sunday
morning after Worship Service. All SMC members and friends are encouraged to attend one of
these meetings in the New Year on either Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021, or SundayJan. 17, 2021.
More details will follow regarding these meetings in the coming month.

Special thanks to RenewalWorks Steering Group members for their continued work in this
endeavor. They include Andy Brereton, Mark D’Agostino, Loretta Francis, Barbara Allen, Caroline
Calia, Allison Martin, Missy Medina, Linda Nott, Rebecca Riley and Canon Michael.

Click the image below to read the findings!